Old versions of Gaalop

VersionRelease DateChanges
2022-07-23 Features:
– Animations are now possible using the ganja.js code generator (Thanks to pull request from PhilippBrodersen)

– Optimization for CSE: Self assignments are removed
2.2.6 2022-07-23Features:
– Implemented Common Subexpression Elimination

Merge pull request #28 from Oshgnacknak/better-plugin-discovery
– Various smaller bugfixes
– Added code generators for Ganja.js and Python (For Python, special base changer is implemented, which produce the generated code in the natural geometric algebra basis)
– Updated dependencies
– Integrated pragmas triangles and segments
– Replaced DenseMvExpressions completely by SpaseMvExpressions (Now, only the non-null multivector components are stored)

Bug fixes:
– Returning expressions in macros are now returning the correct variable
– Support for signs ! and ? in macros
– Empty line comments do not remove first code line anymore.

Tidying up:
– Get rid of Maple Plugin, Testbench and Setup routine
– Added 2d/3d plane-based geometric algebra
– Added new command line options
– Using now default codegenerator template stubs in all codegenerators
– Added coefficient function. Now it is possible to store individual blades from – multivectors in the scalar component of a new multivector.
– Renaming of builtin geometric algebras dependencies, removed unnecessary content
– Import and use NimbusLookAndFeel in gui/main.java
– Now using macro Dual(x) instead of *(x) is also possible
– Added precomputed table for dcga Maxima changed output format of float numbers with exponent 1E-6 -> 1e-6. Now GAALOP is able to recognized both expressions.
2.2.3 2020-05-15 – Remembering last selected directory in GUI
– Optimized abs() functions for scalar inputs
– Assignments in macro nodes are now possible
– Improved optimization
2.1.8 2017-07-16
2.1.6 2017-06-19
2.1.5 2017-06-16
2.1.4 2017-06-15
2.1.3 2017-05-02
2.1.2 2017-05-01
2.1.1 2017-04-23
2.1 2017-04-17
2.0.2 2015-12-28

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