There are currently two versions of GAALOP. A GUI based standalone version, that allows for quick and easy experiments and a more development-focused variant named GAALOP Precompiler.


In the new versions of GAALOP, Maple is no longer required. We are introducing an advanced new method named Table Based Approach. This method can optionally be enhanced with Maxima support. Maxima is a powerful symbolic computing engine, available at as open source.

Find the sources on GitHub

download GAALOP   Release Date: 2022-10-03

Find older versions of Gaalop

Once you installed it, start it with “java -jar starter-1.0.0.jar” from the commandline.

GAALOP Precompiler

GAALOP Precompiler is a new tool based on GAALOP, which allows for direct embedding of CLUScript into C++ / C++ AMP, OpenCL and CUDA source files. The whole concept is described in the paper GAALOPPrecompiler. It has never been easier to develop high performance applications using Geometric Algebra!

Download links

Find the sources on GitHub
– Manual for GAALOP Precompiler
Example Code from the GPC_Manual

New GAALOP Precompiler version (>= 2.2.4)

This version of GAALOP Precompiler is compatible with JDK later than 7.

Release date: 2021-12-14 (Version of GAALOP Precompiler – GAALOP Standalone equivalent version: 2.2.5)

x86-64 – Win64 Zip-Archive

GaalopPrecompiler- – Linux x86-64 Tar-Archive

Older versions (compatible with later than JDK 7) – Win64 Zip-Archive

GaalopPrecompiler-2.2.6-Linux.tar.gz – Linux x86-64 Tar-Archive – Win64 Zip-Archive

GaalopPrecompiler- – Linux x86-64 Tar-Archive – Win64 Zip-Archive

GaalopPrecompiler-2.2.4-Linux.tar.gz – Linux x86-64 Tar-Archive


Older versions (not compatible with later than JDK 7)


GaalopPrecompiler-2.0.1438-win32.exe – Win32 Installer – Win32 Zip-Archive

GaalopPrecompiler-2.0.1441-Linux.tar.gz – Linux x86 Tar-Archive (broken)


The x86-Windows version should work on both x86 and x86_64.

GaalopPrecompiler-2.0.1442-win64.exe – Win32 Installer – Win32 Zip-Archive

GaalopPrecompiler-2.0.1447-Linux.tar.gz – Linux x86-64 Tar-Archive

Extra programs

Product table creator: This program generates a compressed product table for the usage in Gaalop.
Download link:ProductTableCreator

Fitting in the geometric algebras: This program fits a multivector in a given geometric algebra into a given point cloud.
Download link:Fitting


The windows version 4.3 of the CLUCalc software from Christian Perwass:
Download link:CLUCalc 4.3

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